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K-1 Solvent & Cleaner for use with K-1 Ink products. Strength / Material:Solvent.

The 1 Quart of Solvent & Cleaner - K is a versatile and effective cleaning solution suitable for various applications. Its semi-technical formulation ensures optimal performance without compromising user-friendliness. This solvent and cleaner can be used in automotive maintenance, industrial cleaning, and household tasks. It effectively removes grease, oil, dirt, and grime from surfaces, leaving them spotless and residue-free. The 1 Quart of Solvent & Cleaner - K is particularly useful for degreasing engine parts, cleaning machinery, and preparing surfaces for painting or coating. Its compact size makes it convenient for both professional and DIY use, providing a reliable solution for all your cleaning needs.

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Part No.STMA47BPJ23