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Red Sharpie® King Size™ Markers

  • Markers & Stencils (Markers)
  • Excellent for marking corrugated, wood, metal, foil, plastic and leather
  • Marks on wet and oily surfaces
  • Permanent, water-resistant ink dries quickly
$36.18 (Case Pack: 12 ea.)

Interested in larger quantities or custom size?

Red Sharpie® King Size™ Markers is available to buy in increments of 1
Case QuantityPrice
1$36.18 ea.
5 $34.37 ea.
10 $32.56 ea.
Industrial strength for big marking jobs!. Strength / Material:Water Resistant Ink.

Red Sharpie® King Size™ Markers are high-quality markers designed for bold and vibrant writing. With their large size and durable tip, they are perfect for various applications. These markers are commonly used in industries such as graphic design, architecture, and manufacturing, where precision and visibility are crucial. One use case for Red Sharpie® King Size™ Markers is in the field of graphic design. Artists and designers can utilize these markers to create eye-catching illustrations, sketches, and typography. The bold red color ensures that the artwork stands out and grabs attention. Another use case is in the construction industry. Architects and engineers can use these markers to label blueprints, make annotations, and highlight important details. The large size and sharp tip allow for clear and legible writing, even on complex drawings. Furthermore, Red Sharpie® King Size™ Markers find applications in manufacturing facilities. Workers can use them to mark inventory, identify parts, or label equipment. The markers' quick-drying ink and long-lasting performance make them ideal for industrial environments. In conclusion, Red Sharpie® King Size™ Markers offer a reliable and versatile solution for various industries. Their bold red color, large size, and durable tip make them suitable for graphic design, architecture, and manufacturing use cases. Whether it's creating artwork, annotating blueprints, or labeling inventory, these markers deliver exceptional performance and visibility.

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Part No.MK401RDBPJ23
TypeWater Resistant Ink