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Yellow Bolt Seals

  • Seals (Bolt Seals)
  • A solid steel bolt provides strength while a molded plastic coating provides tamper-evidence.
  • Both the bolt and the body are laser printed with a matching number for greater security
  • Bolt and body are joined together.
  • Operational length 1 ¼"
  • Minimum 24” bolt cutter required for removal
$96.70 (Case Pack: 50 ea.)

Interested in larger quantities or custom size?

Yellow Bolt Seals is available to buy in increments of 1
Case QuantityPrice
1$96.70 ea.
5 $91.87 ea.
10 $87.03 ea.
Barrier class seal, designed for securing valuable merchandise. Strength / Material:Solid Steel/ Molded Plastic.

Yellow Bolt Seals are a type of security seal commonly used in transportation and logistics industries. These seals are designed to secure containers, trailers, and other cargo-carrying units to prevent unauthorized access or tampering. Each case contains 50 seals, which are 1¼" in size. These bolt seals are made of high-quality materials, ensuring durability and reliability. They feature a unique locking mechanism that requires a special tool to remove, providing an added layer of security. The bright yellow color makes them easily visible, allowing for quick identification and inspection. Use cases for Yellow Bolt Seals include securing shipping containers during international transportation, sealing trailers carrying valuable goods, and safeguarding high-security areas in warehouses or distribution centers. These seals provide peace of mind to businesses by protecting their assets and ensuring the integrity of their supply chain.

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Part No.SE1032YBPJ23
TypeSolid Steel/ Molded Plastic