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  1. 5 Things You Need to Know About Poly Mailers

    5 Things You Need to Know About Poly Mailers

    Poly mailers are a popular packaging supply for e-commerce retailers, but many of us aren’t aware of some basic information about poly mailers.


    Before you decide to ship everything possible inside a poly mailer, there are some essential facts about poly mailers you should know.


    1.      What are poly mailers made of?

    Poly mailers are made of plastic. Polyethylene is a strong manmade plastic that is durable, flexible, lightweight, and water-resistant. All these admirable qualities make it a great packaging material for e-commerce businesses.


    2.      Poly mailers are not easily recyclable.

    Whether or not poly mailers are recyclable is a bit of a contested subject. While the simple answer is “yes, poly mailers are recyclable,” the entire answer is more complex.


    To recycle a pol

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  2. Wholesale Shopping Guide: Paper Bags with Handles

    Wholesale Shopping Guide: Paper Bags with Handles

    As environmental consciousness increases around the world, many businesses are saying goodbye to plastic bags in favor of paper bags with handles. For businesses that stay up to date with current trends, paper bags are a must-have packaging product.


    For businesses that are savvy about saving money, buying paper bags wholesale is a no-brainer.


    Why You Should Buy Paper Bags Wholesale

    There are two key differences between purchasing paper bags from a wholesaler versus an independent retailer. A wholesaler will generally offer lower prices and sell in bulk. With a wholesaler, the more items you purchase, the lower the per-unit cost will be.


    In short, you should purchase paper bags wholesale from sellers like UCanPack because it’s the cheaper option.


    How Many Paper Bags Should I Purchase Wholesale?

    When buying wholesale, y

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  3. Brown vs. White Shipping Boxes: Which is Better?

    Brown vs. White Shipping Boxes: Which is Better?

    As an e-commerce retailer, you might wonder what's the difference between brown and white shipping boxes? Is there a difference at all?


    The answer to the question of which is better, brown or white shipping boxes, may be more complex than you think.


    Brown Shipping Boxes

    Brown shipping boxes, also known as kraft shipping boxes, are made of plain brown corrugated cardboard. They provide an environmentally friendly option for sustainable businesses and unique benefits, like hiding scuffs acquired during transit. However, their main drawbacks are their perceived “cheapness” and their inability to hold true ink colors.


    Pros of Brown Shipping Boxes

    • Damage and wear during transit are less obvious
    • More affordable than white shipping boxes
    • Usually made of 60%-100% recycled materials
    • Brown boxes are
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  4. A Beginner’s Guide to Buying Wholesale Packing Supplies for Small Businesses

    A Beginner’s Guide to Buying Wholesale Packing Supplies for Small Businesses

    If you run a small business that ships goods across the country—or the world—then knowing the basics of wholesale packaging supplies is essential.


    What does wholesale mean?

    The concept of wholesale purchasing is simple. Small businesses purchase bulk products at discounted rates that they can later sell or use to keep their operating costs down and sales high.


    A small business can buy wholesale snacks to resell at a higher price. E-commerce stores can also buy wholesale packing supplies to keep their delivery costs low.


    How does wholesale pricing typically work?

    Let’s say you spend $20 on 400 paper bags. $20 is the wholesale price—it’s the price of the whole sale. Usually, wholesale suppliers offer a larger discount on larger orders. So, if the paper bags cost 5 cents per bag when you buy 400

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  5. How Colored Mailer Boxes Can Uplift Your Brand

    How Colored Mailer Boxes Can Uplift Your Brand

    Colored mailer boxes are trending for small businesses that know branding well. With unlimited colors and styles to match your brand image, colored mailer boxes are one small detail that can keep you ahead of the competition.


    And the best part is that colored mailer boxes are affordable for your small or large business!


    1.      Colored Mailer Boxes Make Your Packages Pop

    A well-built mailer box speaks to the quality of your brand, and a colored mailer box helps your business make a statement. When your packages pop with colored mailer boxes, your customers will look forward to receiving them even more.


     With a colored mailer box, everyone will want to get a package from your business.


    2.      You Can Clearly Communicate Your Brand Voice with Colored Mailer Boxes


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  6. Customize Kraft Paper Shopping Bags

    3 Ways to Customize Kraft Paper Shopping Bags


    Kraft paper shopping bags are a staple for most small and large businesses. Switching to paper bags is good for the environment—and it’s good for your image, especially if your consumers are environmentally conscious.


    But plain Kraft shopping bags aren’t branded, and any small business owner who knows branding knows that it’s an essential component in everything you do, and that includes the shopping bags you give to your customers.


    So, here are 3 creative and affordable ways to customize Kraft paper shopping bags to ensure they speak to your brand.


    1.      Seal Bags with Branded Stickers

    Branded stickers are a simple and aesthetic option, and the bonus is that you can use stickers on anything—including paper shopping bags, boxes, poly mailers,

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  7. The History of Kraft Paper Bags

    The History of Kraft Paper Bags

    Kraft paper bags are a staple in the modern world. As consumers and retailers recognize the negative impacts of plastic bags, paper bags are making a comeback.


    But most of us are unaware of the basics of how paper bags are made, how they work, and why we use them in the first place. Let’s unravel this mystery!


    What did we use before paper bags?

    Before paper bags, we used baskets, bowls, and other reusable containers for everything. The main materials used for bags were jute, canvas, and burlap.


    Store owners began to notice that customers would only purchase what they could carry with what they had. They wanted a way to allow customers to purchase more items at once—and thus, the paper bag was born.


    The invention of the durable and disposable paper bag was life-changing.


    Who invented the paper bag?

    The first paper bag

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  8. Cake Boxes

    Why Even the Smallest Bakery Business Needs Custom Bakery Boxes


    Whether your bakery specializes in cakes, pastries, muffins, cookies, donuts, or other confections, bakery boxes are an essential component of running your business.


    Here are 4 reasons why even the smallest bakery business needs custom bakery boxes.


    1.      Your Bakery Boxes are Part of Your Brand

    Boxes are essential for any bakery—after all, selling cupcakes and scones without any packaging is a bad business model, especially if you offer delivery services.


    On top of that, offering branded boxes to your customers is important if you want your buyers to remember your bakery. Whether your bakery boxes are branded or not, they are a part of your brand.


    If you want a bland brand, choose bland boxes. Simple brown or white Kraft boxes could fit in with your brand voice a

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  9. The Most Affordable Way to Package and Ship Products for Small Businesses

    The Most Affordable Way to Package and Ship Products for Small Businesses


    If you run a small business, then you know that shipping is a major cost for e-commerce stores. Lowering shipping costs is good for your business because it keeps customers happy—and happy customers are more likely to come back for more.


    So, how can you lower shipping costs for your small business? Here are a few solid tips and tricks to save money when packaging and shipping products.


    Buy Packaging in Bulk at Wholesale Prices

    Buying in bulk is a great way to save money on almost anything, including packaging products. UCanPack offers a variety of colors and sizes of boxes to fit any product, with low prices on all goods, including boxes, poly mailers, bubble wrap, and more.


    Choose Shipping Options Based on Package Weight

    Your package’s size and weight wil

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  10. Poly Mailers vs. Bubble Mailers: Which is Better?

    Poly Mailers vs. Bubble Mailers: Which is Better?

    E-Commerce packaging is complex, and every business owner wants to know how they can save the most money on packaging while keeping their customers satisfied.


    Poly mailers, bubble mailers, and rigid paper mailers are all basic packaging options, and while they are similar, they also offer unique benefits for your small business.


    What are Poly Mailers?

    Poly mailers are made of soft yet durable polyethylene plastic. They are moisture-resistant, tear-resistant, and lightweight, which makes them one of the most popular methods for packaging.


    What are Bubble Mailers?

    Bubble mailers can be made of plastic or paper on the exterior, and they always have a lining of bubble wrap on the inside.


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