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Customized Packaging Tapes

Custom Printed Tapes

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Protect Your Packages While Advertising Your Brand!

Custom printed packaging tape can be a powerful marketing tool for any business and brands. With their brand name, logo, or personalized message on it, businesses can significantly increase brand recognition, improve customer experience and elevate the overall image of the business.

Enhance your business packages and shipments with Ucanpack Custom Printed Tapes. With more customization options we have Polypropylene Tapes, Gummed Paper Tapes and Masking/Flatback Tapes to accommodate your different business needs.

Polypropylene Tapes - It's versatile, cost-effective, and features a glossy finish. These plastic tape meets various needs efficiently and this tape sticks right away (no need to wet) making it a very popular choice for businesses of all sizes. They fit on standard tape guns and comes in both White and Clear

Kraft Tapes or Paper Tapes - Custom Gummed Paper Tapes are reliable and eco-friendly packaging solution that offers super strong seals and delivers excellent bonding power. Additionally, these paper tapes are reinforced with fiberglass strands, making it an excellent choice for heavier items up to 30 lbs. 

It requires water to be applied to the glue side of the tape before applying to packaging. And they are biodegradable, recyclable and repulpable. Available in 6.4 mil 240 grade paper thickness.

Masking Tapes -  Made of lightweight crepe paper with a low-tack adhesive they are great for resealable applications and labeling or sealing small containers. Flat back tape are easy to torn by hand making it best for quick and easy applications like the food industry. Available in 5.8 mil 60 yards long rolls.



Custom Printed Tape Comparison


PolyPro Tape

Paper Tape

Masking Tape


Self Adhesive

(Hot Melt)

Water Activated


Self Adhesive

(Rubber Based)



Natural Kraft Paper

Crepe Paper



Machine Only



(Mil Thickness)

2.0 & 2.6 Mil

6.4 Mil 240 Grade

5.8 Mil


2.0 (0-30 lbs)

2.6 (0-50 lbs)

Up to 30 lbs

Heavy Duty






Sharp Details

Sharp Details

Sharp Details






White, Clear

Tan/Kraft, White




Yes (95% Recyclable Paper)



Why Custom Tapes

Using logo-printed branded tapes you are conveying professionalism and thoughtfulness. Also, custom printed packaging tapes clearly signals that the package is from your business or brand, distinguishing it from ordinary parcels which enhances the customer experience, making it feel more personal and valued.

ìSeal Your Packages with Styleî

Just switching from ordinary tan or clear packing tape to your own design will give your packages of any size a complete new look. Just upload your tape design to Ucanpack and in a few hours, weíll send back of proof of how your custom tape will look.

Why to Choose Ucanpack Custom Tapes:

  • Low Minimum Orders - With orders starting at just 1 case, it has never been easier to start personalizing your packages.
  • Free Artwork Support - Our Designers are ready to help you get your design ready for printing, even from scratch.
  • 1 Week Turnaround Time - We can process and ship your custom brand tapes within 1 week of proof approval. 
  • Made in USA       - All tapes are proudly manufactured and printed right in the USA. Free Shipping all over the US.


  • How many ink colors I can choose to print?

You can choose and print up to 3 inks. Custom ink mixes also available at an additional cost per color.

  • What types of adhesive do you use on these custom packing tapes?

Polypropylene tapes comes with hot melt self adhesive while paper tapes has gummed water-activated adhesives. Masking tape has high adhesion rubber-based adhesive.

  • How do I create my own customized tapes?

There are a series of features and options that you will need to choose for your tape, including the size, color, width, length of the tape, etc., Also, you will also provide your artwork or logo. We will get in touch with you for proof approval and once you approve we will process the printing part. You can also send us your artwork in vector format to speed up the process.

  • What sizes of custom tapes are available?

Ucanpack offers custom printed tapes available in 1î, 1.5î, 2î, and 3î widths and 55yds, 60 yds, 110 yds, and 125 yards long.

  • How thick should packing tape be?

Custom printed packaging tape comes in a variety of thicknesses depending on what is needed. The lower the thickness the lower the weight handling capacity. We have poly tapes available in 2 mil and 2.6 mil, paper tapes 6.4 mil and masking tape 5.8 mil.

  • When will I receive my custom-printed tapes?

We ship out our plain unprinted packing tapes same day. Our custom packing tapes ship within 7 business days after proof approval.