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Poly Coated Kraft Paper Rolls

  • Poly Coated Kraft Paper (Poly Coated Kraft Paper Rolls)
  • 10 lb. gloss poly coating on one side
  • 50 lb. virgin kraft paper
$41.69 (Case Pack: 1 ea.)

Interested in larger quantities or custom size?

Poly Coated Kraft Paper Rolls is available to buy in increments of 1
Case QuantityPrice
1$41.69 ea.
5 $39.61 ea.
10 $37.52 ea.
Protects products from fluids and unwanted contaminants. Strength / Material:10 lb. Gloss Poly Coating/50 lb. Kraft Paper.

Poly Coated Kraft Paper Rolls are a versatile packaging material widely used in various industries. With a width of 12 inches, these rolls offer a convenient solution for wrapping and protecting products of different sizes and shapes. The poly coating on the kraft paper enhances its durability and resistance to moisture, making it suitable for packaging items that require protection from water or humidity. These rolls find extensive use in the food industry for wrapping perishable goods like meat, cheese, and bakery products. They are also commonly employed in the shipping and logistics sector for securing fragile items during transportation. Additionally, Poly Coated Kraft Paper Rolls are utilized in the construction industry for protecting surfaces during painting or renovation projects. Overall, the 12-inch Poly Coated Kraft Paper Rolls provide a reliable and cost-effective packaging solution for a wide range of applications, ensuring the safety and integrity of the packaged items.

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More Information
Part No.KPPC1250BPJ23
Type10 lb. Gloss Poly Coating/50 lb.