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Freezer Paper Sheets
12 x 15"
2600 Sheets/Case

  • Freezer Paper (Freezer Paper Sheets)
  • Polyethylene coated on one side
  • 40 lb. virgin, bleached paper
  • FDA approved
$201.23 (Case Pack: 2600 ea.)

Interested in larger quantities or custom size?

Freezer Paper Sheets is available to buy in increments of 1
Case QuantityPrice
1$201.23 ea.
5 $191.17 ea.
10 $181.11 ea.
Provides protection for frozen products for up to one year. Strength / Material:40 lb. Virgin, Bleached Paper.

Freezer Paper Sheets are a versatile and essential tool for various applications in the food industry. With 2600 sheets per case, each measuring 12 x 15 inches, these sheets offer a convenient and efficient solution for packaging, storing, and preserving food items. One common use case for Freezer Paper Sheets is in the packaging of meat products. The sheets provide a protective barrier against moisture and air, preventing freezer burn and maintaining the quality and freshness of the meat. They can be easily wrapped around individual cuts or used to separate layers of meat in a package. Additionally, these sheets are ideal for lining trays or containers when freezing baked goods, such as cookies or pastries. The non-stick surface of the freezer paper prevents sticking and allows for easy removal of the frozen items. Freezer Paper Sheets are also commonly used in the process of sous vide cooking. The sheets can be cut to size and used to create pouches for vacuum-sealing food before immersing it in a water bath. The paper's moisture resistance ensures that the food remains protected and retains its flavor and texture during the cooking process. Overall, Freezer Paper Sheets offer a cost-effective and practical solution for various food storage and preservation needs. Their versatility, durability, and ease of use make them an essential item in any commercial kitchen or food processing facility.

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Part No.FPS121540BPJ23
Type40 lb. Virgin, Bleached Paper
ColorWhite Top