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Number products, inventory or skids. Strength / Material:Paper.

The 1 x 1½" (0501-1000) Consecutive Numbered Labels are versatile adhesive labels that come in a compact size of 1 inch by 1.5 inches. These labels are consecutively numbered, making them ideal for various applications that require sequential labeling. One common use case for these labels is in inventory management. By affixing these labels to products or storage containers, businesses can easily track and identify items in their inventory. The consecutive numbering allows for efficient organization and retrieval of items, reducing the time and effort required for inventory management. Another use case is in event ticketing. These labels can be used to create unique and sequentially numbered tickets for concerts, conferences, or sporting events. The compact size of the labels ensures that they can be easily attached to tickets without obstructing important information. Overall, the 1 x 1½" (0501-1000) Consecutive Numbered Labels offer a practical solution for sequential labeling needs in various industries, including inventory management and event ticketing.

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Part No.DL1242BPJ23