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Convenient, pre-packed boxes of numbers 1 through 10. Strength / Material:Paper.

The Circle Easy Order Packs Numbers (1 to 0) - 2" is a versatile input tool that allows users to conveniently input numerical data. With its compact size of 2", it can be easily integrated into various devices and systems. This input tool is designed to provide a seamless user experience, ensuring accurate and efficient data entry. Use cases for the Circle Easy Order Packs Numbers (1 to 0) - 2" include inventory management systems, point-of-sale terminals, and industrial control panels. In inventory management, it can be used to input quantities of products, making stock management more efficient. Point-of-sale terminals can utilize this input tool for quick and precise price entry. Industrial control panels can benefit from its compact size and durability, enabling operators to input numerical values for process control. Overall, the Circle Easy Order Packs Numbers (1 to 0) - 2" offers a reliable and user-friendly solution for numerical data input in various applications.

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Part No.DL1240BPJ23