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Waxed Paper protects from fluids and unwanted contaminants . Strength / Material:30 lb. Basis Weight.

Waxed paper rolls with a width of 36" are versatile and widely used in various industries. These rolls are coated with a thin layer of wax, making them resistant to moisture, grease, and oil. The non-stick surface of the waxed paper allows for easy release of food items, making it ideal for food packaging and wrapping. Additionally, it can be used as a protective barrier in the manufacturing industry to prevent damage or contamination during transportation. The 36" width provides ample coverage for large items or multiple smaller items. Whether it's for food preservation, packaging, or industrial applications, waxed paper rolls with a 36" width offer convenience and reliability.

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Part No.WP3630BPJ23
Type30 lb. Basis Weight