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Excellent for wrapping boxes, layering or to fill void. Strength / Material:50 lb. Basis Weight.

Kraft paper sheets are versatile packaging materials that come in a case of 225 sheets, each measuring 40 x 48 inches and weighing 50 lbs. These sheets are made from high-quality kraft paper, known for its strength and durability. One common use case for these sheets is in the shipping and transportation industry. They can be used to wrap and protect fragile items, providing a cushioning effect during transit. Additionally, these sheets can be used as void fillers, filling empty spaces in boxes to prevent movement and potential damage to the contents. Another use case is in the arts and crafts industry. Kraft paper sheets can be used as a canvas for various artistic projects, such as painting, drawing, or even as a base for collages. The neutral brown color of the paper provides a rustic and natural look to the finished artwork. Overall, these kraft paper sheets offer a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution for packaging, shipping, and creative endeavors.

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Part No.KPS404850BPJ23
Type50 lb. Basis Weight