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Mailer Boxes, Mailing Boxes & Corrugated Mailers

Mailer Boxes

Custom Printed Mailing Boxes

All our Indestructo Mailer Boxes and Corrugated Mailers are made in our manufacturing facility in Georgia using 200# test board making them great for shipping, subscription boxes, gift boxes, and as e-commerce mailing boxes.

Mailer boxes are a commonly used type of packaging for shipping products. They are made from corrugated cardboard and have a mailing box shape. Mailer boxes are usually white on the inside and brown on the outside. The top and bottom of the box are flat, while the sides are sloped. This design allows for easy stacking and storage of mailer boxes.

There are many benefits to using mailer boxes for shipping products. They provide good protection for items during transit and can be easily customized to fit specific items. Mailer boxes are also lightweight, which helps to reduce shipping costs. If you are looking for a cost-effective way to ship products, mailer boxes may be the right option for you.

Our tab locking mailer boxes (corrugated mailers) are perfect for as literature mailers, presentation box, or great for any gift idea. These boxes are fantastic options for creating a memorable unboxing experience. Lightweight, affordable, versatile, secure and available in hundreds of sizees. Use them as a marketing tool to promote your brand.

The Benefits of Mailer Boxes

Custom mailer boxes are designed to be beautifully presented, versatile, and offer the best possible protection for your goods. We’ve perfected our designs to ensure our customers get the best possible packaging experience.

So, why are mailers the best shipping boxes for your company?

Lightweight Shipping

These boxes are ideal because of their weightlessness. Shipping with these versatile boxes won’t increase your shipping costs, making them a great way of mailing products from your shop.

Safe Transportation

Different-sized mailer boxes allow you to transport products according to size and shape. Get the right fit to prevent any damage to your products while shipping.

Despite their simplicity, these mailer packaging options have proven themselves effective at standing up to the rigors of the modern shipping process.

No Extra Packaging Needed

Your mailers box is ready to go instantly. There’s no need to add any fancy packaging or external wrapping. Not only does this keep your office supply costs down, but it also allows you to bolster your green credentials.

Boxes mailers can also be customized as an additional service to enable you to add branding or decoration.

Affordable Packaging for You

Mailers are some of the most affordable products that fit seamlessly with other packing solutions. Maintain a full stock of mailers and wholesale corrugated boxes to ship worldwide on-demand. Lower outlays allow you to increase your profit margins and keep on shipping when trying to stick to a strict budget.

All Shapes and Sizes

These packaging solutions are available in all shapes and sizes, which is one of their premier advantages. Decide on your design and size in advance or consult a supplier for a customized set of corrugated mailer boxes.

Ucanpack offers over 1,000 different shapes and sizes of packaging, enabling you to get the perfect box for any occasion.

Easy Assembly

Like our competitors, we ship these boxes mailers flat to allow us to reduce your shipping costs and deliver more for less. Unlike other types of boxes, your mailer box can be assembled in seconds.

Assembly only takes seconds. Follow the course of the pre-scored lines and snap them into place.

Unbeatable Customization

Mailer shipping boxes don’t need to come in white or brown. Businesses can customize their boxes to reflect their branding. We understand the importance of the unboxing experience so that we can offer custom printing services for any event or promotional campaign.

Green Packaging of the Future

Corrugated mailer boxes are designed to be a more sustainable shipping choice. These boxes are constructed using recycled materials, less glue, and less ink. Using less ensures that individuals and businesses can make eco-friendlier packaging choices.

Mailer Boxes FAQs

black mailer boxes

What sizes mailer boxes are available on Ucanpack?

We have one of the largest collections of mailer boxes in the country. Everything from a small 4x4x4 mailer box to large 24x14x4 mailer and everything in between. We also have color mailer boxes like pink mailer boxes, red mailer boxes, black mailer boxes, orange mailer boxes, blue mailer boxes and more!

If you can't find your exact box size, we can quickly make any custom die cut box. Call us at (201) 975-6272 or email us for a custom quote.

Material Options: What types of flutes do you use on the custom boxes?

Our mailers are available in two different material thickness: Standard 1/8" B-Flute 200# test corrugated cardboard which is the industry standard for heavy items.

Our black mailer boxes and color mailer boxes come in lightweight and durable 7/8" e-flute corrugated board which is a perfect for lightweight items with premium aesthetics.

Can I buy a single mailer box?

Yes, you can order one sample mailer box. On the other had, being a manufacturer, we also provide bulk discounts on mailer boxes wholesale.

How do I create custom mailer boxes?

Creating a custom mailer box online on Ucanpack takes minutes with our 3D design tool. You can upload your artwork and logo online using our intuitive 3D Design Studio. We can print both on the outside as well as the inside of our mailer boxes.

All colors will print in CMYK. Keep in mind the maximum logo/graphics size has to be under 12 x 36”. 

Need design help?

Our in-house designers are ready to level up your packaging with custom-designed mailing boxes.

While others charge you for basic graphics work like background removal, color change, artwork positioning, etc we at Ucanpack work with you one on one to resolve these basic graphics issues at no extra cost and make sure you get the best print quality on your custom mailer boxes.

How do you assemble a mailer box?

Our mailer boxes ship flat. To assemble, just fold along the pre-scored lines including the front and back flaps. Bring up the side walls and tuck them inside to snap them into place and the mailer box now is good to go.

When will I receive my custom-printed mailers?

Ucanpack has one of the fastest lead times in the custom mailing boxes market. FREE rush production on printed boxes. Our custom mailer boxes ship in as little as 3 business days.

What can I use mailer boxes for?

You can use a mailer box for just about anything. Since they’re versatile and come in many shapes and sizes, they’re the go-to option for retailers everywhere. All small and medium-sized items are ideal for shipping via a corrugated mailer.

Are mailer boxes eco-friendly?

Yes, they are. More individuals and businesses are worried about their carbon footprints. The packaging industry has worked to do its part to help the environment.

Today’s mailer shipping boxes are available in a range of recycled materials. Eco-friendly printing inks, labels, and added extras are all standardized parts of the shipping industry.

Ensure you’re working with a vendor that understands the need for an eco-friendly shipping mailer box by choosing Ucanpack.

What’s the difference between a mailer package and a shipping box?

Although the terms are interchangeable, a shipping box is a different product type. Traditional shipping boxes use more paper to increase their sturdiness and require glue to hold them together.

Mailer shipping boxes are the more sustainable choice because they use less paper and glue. The way they’re constructed allows for easy assembly without compromising their performance.

Can you ship these boxes without any external packaging?

Many people are concerned about the sturdiness of these packages when shipping. Nothing is preventing you from shipping mailer packages without any external packaging.

Mailer boxes are proven to stand up to the rough and tumble world of modern transit, including overseas shipping.


Why Choose Ucanpack?

Ucanpack takes pride in providing affordable packaging via our network of distribution centers throughout the contiguous United States and Canada.

We specialize in affordable customization, allowing you to buy boxes directly from the source. Our team create, print, and ship everything you need in-house to save you time, money, and stress.

Make packing easy with your own set of mailer boxes from Ucanpack today. Check out our store for a range of packaging options and wholesale corrugated boxes now.