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Red Easy Lock Seals

  • Seals (Easy Lock Seals)
  • Easy-to-use padlock seal designed for application with one hand
  • A spring-like arm and plugged barrel provide effective tamper evidence
  • One-piece, easy-break, all-plastic construction.
  • Straight, thin locking arrow applies with one hand and fits most latch mechanisms.
  • Designed for reliable, cost-effective tamper-evidence and quick access.
  • Consecutively numbered.
$131.50 (Case Pack: 1000 ea.)

Interested in larger quantities or custom size?

Red Easy Lock Seals is available to buy in increments of 1
Case QuantityPrice
1$131.50 ea.
5 $124.93 ea.
10 $118.35 ea.
One time use tamper evident seals ideal for use where traditional padlocks have been used Padlock seals are an inexpensive solution for securing many different applications .

Red Easy Lock Seals are versatile security devices designed to provide tamper-evident protection for a wide range of applications. These seals are made from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and reliability in various environments. The unique design of the Easy Lock Seals allows for easy application and removal, making them user-friendly for both professionals and individuals. Use cases for Red Easy Lock Seals include securing shipping containers, trucks, and trailers to prevent unauthorized access or tampering during transportation. They are also suitable for securing utility meters, ensuring the integrity of meter readings and preventing tampering or fraud. Additionally, these seals can be used to secure storage units, cabinets, and equipment, providing an added layer of security against theft or unauthorized access. Overall, Red Easy Lock Seals offer a simple yet effective solution for enhancing security and maintaining the integrity of various assets and environments.

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