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Sealers provide easy application of open and closed seals. Strength / Material:Steel.

The Single Notch Steel Strapping Sealer - 1¼" is a versatile tool used in the packaging industry to securely seal steel strapping. This semi-technical device features a single notch design, allowing for efficient and reliable sealing of 1¼" wide steel strapping. Use cases for this sealer include bundling heavy-duty materials such as lumber, metal, or construction materials. It is commonly used in industries like manufacturing, shipping, and logistics, where the need for strong and durable packaging is crucial. The sealer works by crimping the steel strapping together, creating a tight and secure seal that prevents the contents from shifting or becoming damaged during transportation. Its ergonomic design ensures ease of use and reduces operator fatigue, making it an essential tool for any packaging operation.

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Part No.SST30114BPJ23