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Plastic End Caps

  • Plastic End Caps (Plastic)
  • Extra caps allow round mailing tubes to be reused
  • Caps will not pop off during shipping
$17.00 (Case Pack: 100 ea.)
1$0.17 ea.
2500 $0.16 ea.
5000 $0.15 ea.
50000 $0.14 ea.

Interested in larger quantities or custom size?

Plastic End Caps is available to buy in increments of 100
These caps will work on all round mailing tubes. Strength / Material:Plastic.

Plastic end caps, available in a case of 100, are essential components used to protect and seal the ends of various cylindrical objects with a 2" diameter. These end caps are made from durable plastic material, ensuring long-lasting protection against dust, moisture, and other potential damages. Use cases for plastic end caps are abundant across various industries. In manufacturing, they are commonly employed to safeguard the ends of metal pipes, rods, or tubes during transportation or storage. In the automotive sector, these end caps are utilized to protect delicate components like brake lines or fuel hoses. Additionally, they find applications in the construction industry to shield the ends of scaffolding poles or metal beams. Overall, plastic end caps offer a cost-effective and reliable solution for safeguarding cylindrical objects in numerous industrial settings.

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