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Kraft Premium Telescoping Tubes
3 x 24"

  • Telescoping Tubes (0.125 Thick Spiral Wound Fibreboard)
  • Strong and virtually crush proof tubes protect contents during shipping
  • Heavy-duty, 1/8", spiral wound, double wall construction
  • Features a 6" flush-joint cap
$97.92 (Case Pack: 24 ea.)
1$4.08 ea.
100 $3.88 ea.
250 $3.67 ea.
500 $3.47 ea.

Interested in larger quantities or custom size?

Kraft Premium Telescoping Tubes is available to buy in increments of 24
Very strong, crush-resistant tubes. Strength / Material:0.125 Thick Spiral Wound Fibreboard.

Kraft Premium Telescoping Tubes, measuring 3 x 24 inches, are versatile packaging solutions designed to protect and transport various items securely. These tubes are constructed using high-quality Kraft paperboard, ensuring durability and resistance to bending or crushing during transit. The telescoping feature allows for adjustable length, accommodating items of different sizes. Use cases for Kraft Premium Telescoping Tubes include shipping delicate artwork, blueprints, posters, or documents that require protection from moisture, dust, or accidental damage. Additionally, these tubes are suitable for storing and organizing rolled-up fabrics, carpets, or rugs. The adjustable length feature makes them ideal for packaging and shipping items with varying dimensions, providing a cost-effective and reliable solution for businesses and individuals alike.

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More Information
Part No.TT3024KBPJ23
Length 61 cm
Type0.125 Thick Spiral Wound Fibreboard