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Galvanized Pallet Truck
48 x 27"

  • Pallet Trucks (Galvanized Pallet Truck)
  • 3 position hand control - raise, lower, neutral
  • Galvanized frame and handle
  • 7" nylon steering wheels
  • 3" nylon load wheels
  • 210° steering
  • 3" lowered height and 8" raised height
$1,812.58 (Case Pack: 1 ea.)

Interested in larger quantities or custom size?

Galvanized Pallet Truck is available to buy in increments of 1
Case QuantityPrice
1$1,812.58 ea.
5 $1,721.95 ea.
10 $1,631.32 ea.
Use Galvanized Pallet Trucks for outdoor applications. Strength / Material:Metal.

The Galvanized Pallet Truck with dimensions of 48 x 27" is a versatile and durable tool used for material handling in various industries. Its galvanized construction ensures resistance to corrosion, making it suitable for use in harsh environments such as warehouses, manufacturing plants, and outdoor settings. This pallet truck is designed to efficiently move heavy loads with ease. Its sturdy frame and robust wheels provide stability and maneuverability, allowing operators to transport goods smoothly and safely. The 48 x 27" size is ideal for handling standard-sized pallets commonly used in logistics and distribution operations. Use cases for the Galvanized Pallet Truck include loading and unloading trucks, organizing inventory in warehouses, and transporting goods within a production facility. Its reliability and durability make it an essential tool for streamlining material handling processes and improving overall operational efficiency.

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