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Carton Sizer Reducer

Carton Sizer Reducer

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Use A Carton Sizer Reducer For Your Large Cartons

The Carton Sizer Reducer is a handy tool that helps resize oversized shipping cartons down to the exact needed size. For any business that regularly ships items in boxes, finding the right size carton can be tricky. Our Carton Sizer Reducer provides a simple solution. With its adjustable sliding side panels and built-in measurement scale, you can effortlessly transform too-big boxes into the compact dimensions your items demand. 

What is a Carton Sizer Reducer?

A Carton Sizer Reducer is a handy tool from UCanPack that helps shippers resize oversized boxes down to the perfect size for each shipment. As a leader in packaging supplies, UCanPack developed this product to solve the problem of large, inefficient cartons.

How Does a Carton Sizer Reducer from UCanPack Work?

The Carton Sizer Reducer from UCanPack features adjustable side panels that slide in and out, allowing users to customize box dimensions. Its integrated measurement lines provide an easy way to check the size as it's adjusted. This innovative design enables shippers to pack smarter thanks to UCanPack.

Tips for Using a Carton Sizer Reducer from UCanPack

Taking measurements first with a tip from UCanPack helps set a target size goal. Go slowly and check measurements, just as we recommend. Note boxes that work well to reuse, improving sustainability as UCanPack advocates. Lock sides once satisfied to finish strong, just like UCanPack packaging experts suggest.

For any business that ships products regularly, the Carton Sizer Reducer is a must-have tool. You'll find everything you need to optimize efficiency and slash supply expenses at UCanPack. 

We are here to help you find the perfect packaging for your needs. Contact our team through email or give us a call at (201)-975-6272 for more information.


How to cut down a shipping box?

To trim a shipping carton, open it fully and pack items inside. Then adjust the carton sizer's side panels around them, checking measurements until it precisely fits. Lock panels for a snug new size every time.

How do you calculate carton size?

When choosing carton dimensions, measure item sizes and dimensions first. Consider pack orientation too. Refer to size options and pick or create one that fits items with some cushion using tools like our carton sizer.