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Sturdy and durable mailers designed specifically for shipping DVDs and other literature items.

DVD Literature Mailers

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DVD & Literature Mailers: Keep Your Media Safe & Easy

Sending DVDs to your loved ones? The UCanPack DVD and literature mailer is the perfect way to keep your stuff safe and secure on the go. These literature mailers are durable, easy to use, and tailored to your specific needs.

Why Choose UCanPack Mailers?

  • Rugged Protection: Our mailer boxes are made of durable cardboard that can handle drops and vibrations in parcels. They look like little weapons for your DVDs!
  • Easy to use: Just roll together, add your ingredients, and it’s ready to go. No tape or glue is needed, so you can save time and get your stuff out the door quickly.
  • Fits: We have a variety of sizes to choose from, so you can find the perfect fit for your DVDs, books, or other publications. The courier does not have to worry too much about delivery.
  • Eco-Friendly: Our mailer boxes are made from recycled materials and are self-recyclable. So you help the planet when you protect your resources!

Perfect For...

  • Online Sellers: If you sell DVDs, books, or CDs online, our DVD mailer boxes are an easy and inexpensive way to ship your orders.
  • Libraries and schools: Protect your books and DVDs from damage during transport or storage.

What Makes UCanPack Mailers Different?

  • Made in the USA: We are proud to have our matchers made right here in the USA.
  • High Quality Cardboard: We use durable cardboard that has been tested to ensure it can handle the rigors of shipping.
  • Many Sizes Available: We have matching for all standard DVDs and books.

Ship With Confidence!

With the UCanPack white literature mailers, you can be sure that your product will arrive at its destination in perfect condition. If you have any questions, our friendly team is here to help. Call us at (201)-975-6272 or send us an email, and we’ll make sure you get the perfect fit for your needs.