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Durable and eco-friendly: Our Kraft bags are made from high-quality materials that are built to last, while also being environmentally friendly.

Kraft Bags

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Paper Shopping Bags

Kraft paper shopping bags are the eco-friendly option for carrying groceries, books, and other items. These bags are made from recycled kraft paper, which is a type of paper that is produced from wood pulp. Kraft paper is strong and durable, making it ideal for carrying heavy items. It is also 100% recyclable, meaning that kraft paper shopping bags can be reused multiple times.

In addition to being environmentally friendly, kraft paper shopping bags are also affordable. They are often less expensive than plastic bags, and they can be reused multiple times. For these reasons, kraft paper grocery bags are the best option for carrying groceries and other items. Our recycled kraft paper bags have a rustic, natural look that many shoppers find appealing in merchandise bags. Whether you're running a small boutique or a large department store, kraft paper bags are an attractive and practical option for your business.

Our recycled kraft paper bags also known as merchandise bags are available in your choice of kraft or white, with a sturdy yet comfortable paper-twist handle. Full-color, double-sided custom printing is available to meet all budgets and your small business needs. Ucanpack is your online packaging supply store for a wide selection of packaging supplies and shipping boxes.

The Benefits of Kraft Paper Bags

Tough, strong, and beautiful. Upgrading to Kraft paper bags is an opportunity to project your brand and provide a convenient, stress-free shopping experience for your customers. Ucanpack specializes in high-quality, eco-friendly Kraft bags to provide an easy bagging option for your business.

The Toughest Bags Around

Your shop needs a new approach to shopping sprees and carrying heavy items. Kraft carriers are highly resilient and more durable than plastic bags. Kraft material is also water-resistant to protect an even more comprehensive range of goods.

Golden Advertising Opportunity

These bags are another option for promoting your brand on the go. As a boutique shopping bag, this product offers a mobile advertising channel for your brand.

Unlike traditional plastic bags, Kraft paper bags allow for custom printing with bold designs and colors. Whether you want a unique color or a clear branding sign, these boutique shopping bags are the driving force of promotional campaigns everywhere.

Versatile Bagging

Due to their toughness and water-resistant capabilities, brown paper Kraft bags can carry just about anything, from clothes to food. The material content of these bags makes them ideal for practically any retail business.

Beneficial for the Environment

Kraft paper bags help the environment because they’re made from recycled materials. Manufacturers will avoid using virgin materials to achieve a high percentage of recycled matter in every bag.

With businesses and customers viewing green issues and the future of our planet as top priorities, Kraft brown paper bags are one way of cutting your carbon footprint.

Economical for Businesses and Customers

Wholesale Kraft bags are designed to be economical. While the initial unit price is higher than a traditional plastic bag, the difference is that these bags can be used repeatedly.

Contrast Kraft carriers with plastic bags in terms of reusability. Plastic bags are extremely limited in how many times you can use them, making wholesale Kraft paper bags a more economical long-term solution.


Printed Paper Shopping Bags FAQs

What sizes of paper bags are available on UCanPack?

Our brown kraft paper bags come in several sizes. From small 8x5 paper grocery bags to large 16x6 gift bags and many in between.

Material Options: What types of paper is used to make the shopping bags?

Our paper shopping bags are made from great quality 70 lb. matte finish durable kraft paper. They feature strong twisted handles for carrying heavy loads over multiple uses.

Can I buy a single kraft paper shopping bag?

Yes, you can order one sample paper grocery bag. On the other hand, being a manufacturer, we also provide bulk discounts and low prices on shopping bags wholesale.

How do I create custom paper bags?

Show off your logo with custom printed gift bags. Creating a custom paper bag online on UCanPack takes minutes with our 3D design tool. You can upload your artwork and logo online using our intuitive 3D Design Studio. We can print both sides of the bags in full color CMYK. Keep in mind the maximum logo / graphics size has to be under 12 x 36”.  We can even print small quantities such as 25 bags to be used as party favor bags, customized merchandise bags, etc.

Need help designing your brown kraft paper bags?

Our in-house designers are ready to level up your custom kraft paper bags. While others charge you for basic graphics work like background removal, color change, artwork proofing, etc we at UCanPack will work with you one on one to resolve these basic graphics issues at no extra cost so you get the best print quality on your printed bags.

When will I receive my custom shopping bags?

Ucanpack has one of the fastest lead times in the custom paper bags market. FREE rush production on printed shopping bags. Our custom printed shopping bags ship in as little as 3 business days.

What can I use wholesale Kraft bags for?

You can pack practically anything within a Kraft carrier, including jewelry, clothes, home appliances, and food.

Kraft bags can also be used for composting, gift wrap, and even as traveling containers, thus maximizing the lifespan of these bags in a more environmentally conscious age.

Are brown Kraft bags eco-friendly?

Kraft paper bags are naturally biodegradable, meaning they break down quickly and don’t stick around in the environment. Consumers and vendors alike use their Kraft carriers for composting purposes.

The paper’s cellulose fibers disintegrate in just a few weeks, making them perfect for brands concerned about their green credentials.

How much weight can a brown Kraft bag hold?

Kraft paper bags wholesale are designed to help customers carry more in a single bag. The ability to hold hefty loads is due to the long cellulose fibers used to make these bags. Kraft paper has a unique strength because this configuration of fibers gives it a high binding capacity.

The average bag can hold up to 12 kg without breaking, with larger bags holding even more. Stuffing a bag to capacity won’t compromise its integrity because Kraft paper is naturally resistant to piercing.

Why Choose UCanPack?

UCanPack is the premier supplier of Kraft paper bags to businesses across the United States and Canada. Whichever state your business is located in, we can service you with high-quality Kraft bags for your brand.

Featuring a range of sizes, customization options, and a near-limitless quantity of bags, we fulfill the needs of businesses across North America.

Check out our range of Kraft bags for a complete breakdown of UCanPack’s selection, and let’s make bagging simple. Contact us today via email or give us a call at (201)-975-6272.